Elisabetta L Faenza

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The King Maker Saga

The Infidel - Book 1 The Condottiero Trilogy (2013, Strategic Publishing)

The Infidel is a work of historical fiction set against the backdrop of the religious wars known as the Crusades. It is a story of espionage, family tragedy, and the arcane labyrinth of secret orders, as the protagonist Gian struggles to find his family’s killers. He becomes embroiled in the world of 13th-century politics, greed, and treachery before he discovers the truth about his heritage and the role he is to play in the fate of kingdoms. Based on the real history of a family of famed assassins, The Infidel reveals the untold story behind the Crusades. The Infidel is the first book in The Condottiero Trilogy.

Veritas - Book 2 The Condottiero Trilogy (2014, Strategic Publishing)

Continue the journey as Gian and Lara's worlds remain divided and they must learn to survive alone. Injured and imprisoned, Gian is mentored by an enigmatic monk who reveals the secret of his ancestry, and much more. Their connection will shape Gian's destiny and set him on a path of revenge and ulitmately redemption.

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Paul, the Assassin - Prequel to The Infidel

The testament has been revealed, the players unmasked. Travel back to the time of the Apostles as the shocking revelations of Nevsehir are decoded and laid bare.



Tales of Sex and Magic - Prequel to Nemesis
It all began with an accident that propelled one man from his world to hers. From dream to reality, John goes on a journey of self-discovery, true love and awakening. What John doesn’’t know is the truth behind his journey, that shocks the very foundations of everything he has ever believed.


Nemesis , Worlds Collide
The adventure really takes off as Alcyone’’s world crashes into John’’s. Alcyone and John pull together a motley crew of engineers and adventurers in a race against time, and an enemy beyond evil, to save earth and its twin. Amidst a circle of ancient standing stones, John and Alcyone’’s lives are irrevocably altered by an encounter with an infinite power.

From the underwater world of Yonaguni, through Arctic wastelands to a sleepy Scottish island fortress, ‘‘Worlds Collide’’ will make you look at the world like you’’ve never seen it before.

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Nemesis 2 - Return to Tara

John discovers a new love in the form of his daughter. Left alone to raise this child of two worlds, John’’s motley crew gather around in support. Banding together as a family, the Duffy crew then embark on their most dangerous journey to date. As the Resource Wars on earth’’s twin escalate, John and his team are drawn into the secret war for the Antarctic’’s massive energy reserves. Should they fail, the implications would spell certain doom for their own earth.


The Energy Bucket

In her acclaimed book ‘The Energy Bucket,’ Elisabetta addressed the void that exists in evidence based approaches to managing energy, attitudes and behaviour. Filled with practical examples, her latest book - ‘The Energy Code’ (2014, Motivational Press) takes this to the next level:

Elisabetta is also a contributor to several non-fiction business publications:

  • Ideas Vol 1 ,2006
  • Million Dollar Expert, 2011
  • The New Rules of Management, 2012