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Elisabetta L Faenza

The Energy Bucket

In her acclaimed book ‘The Energy Bucket,’ Elisabetta addressed the void that exists in evidence based approaches to managing energy, attitudes and behaviour. Filled with practical examples, her latest book - ‘The Energy Code’ (2014, Motivational Press) takes this to the next level.

Endorsements for The Energy Code:

"In more than 20 years of working with people and performance there is no doubt that when you find your personal style or code that gives you the right inputs you are better placed to lead, serve, choose, and contribute to the world. Elisabetta has shone the torch or clarity on this vital topic as we seek to unify our efforts whilst celebrating our distinctiveness." Rohan Dredge, Speaker, Discovery Church.


"Brilliant, intriguing and engaging – The Energy Code is one of those books you’ll return to again and again. Elisabetta L. Faenza has a knack for making complex science easy to understand and relevant. The Energy Code is packed full of tips and examples of how to apply these keys to every area of your life: home, relationships and work; unlock your potential and do more with less." Peter Cook, Thought Leaders Global.


Elisabetta is also a contributor to several non-fiction business publications:

Ideas Vol 1 ,2006

Million Dollar Expert, 2011

The New Rules of Management, 2012


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