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Elisabetta L Faenza

Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer

Elisabetta joins LeafCann as their Co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer. LeafCann’s mission is to be a thought leading pioneer in the emerging new medicinal cannabis industry. With a philosophy of Patient before Profit, our goal is to provide patients and professionals with a safe, reliable and affordable natural medicine for chronic pain management.




Elisabetta L Faenza

Author, Speaker, Writer, Mentor, Profiler, Strategist,

Elisabetta is one of those individuals who spans the world of science and business, with a key understanding of what makes people tick and how to bring the best out in them. A highly creative thinker, Elisabetta’s ideas will help you stay ahead of the competition by getting more out of your existing resources and fostering innovation.

Justin Sachs, Founder Motivational Press.



Corporate Profiler

Insightful, empowering, innovative

Elisabetta is a clinical hypnotherapist and certified MBTI profiler, utilizing her deep knowledge of epigenetics, mindset development and flow technology.Elisabetta can help you recognize talent and develop rainmaker teams within your organization...

Elisabetta is available for individual or group profiling, and is an expert change manager...


Fresh, Informative, Engaging

Elisabetta is a human performance specialist, whose life work is studying how our DNA and the environment interact to shape our lives, our workplaces and our communities...

Book Elisabetta for your next event and boost your organisation's productivity, innovation and profit.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Expert, insightful, relevant...

An Educator, MBTI Certified Profiler and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Elisabetta understands human behaviour.

Engage Elisabetta to solve your HR problems, attract the right people, retain talent and build teams of excellence


Experienced, results driven and honest

Elisabetta has mentored the best in the industry, helping them to understand their purpose, define their message and package it.

Become a client and experience the difference as you turn your ideas into a presentation, workshop or best selling book


Published, prolific, original

Elisabetta is a published author whose books sell in book stores and websites all over the world, every day. She has a natural gift for making the complex easy to understand and communicates with clarity and humour.

Hire Elisabetta to help you get that book written, or ghost-write it for you


Analysis, branding, positioning

From vision and mission statements to master-planning and web content, Elisabetta's extensive experience in the commercial, government and non-profit sectors is second to none.

Engage Elisabetta to grow your business from the inside-out, shaping a message with impact.

This month's featured products...

The Energy Code Motivator Tips

by Elisabetta L Faenza

The Energy Code

by Elisabetta L Faenza

The DNA of Bullying

by Elisabetta L Faenza

Nemesis: From the Diaries of Captain John Duffy

This book will awaken your romantic adventurer, your soul searching for completeness and understanding as well as your belief in a universal connection. More than a fantasy or science fiction novel Nemesis is a work of adventurous art that tickles your understanding of physics into a place of present day usefulness. All this and more… Most importantly though Nemesis is a page turner, a delight to read, a plot quenching joy. I can hardly wait for the sequel." Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad, Neurotherapist and Author of The WingMaker


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The Energy Code available from Amazon

The Energy Code

by Elisabetta L Faenza

Ever noticed the mood you wake up with in the morning can have an effect on your whole day? Ever wondered if maybe how you felt when you woke up actually created the events of your day, that somehow your inside was affecting your outside? Ever wished you could change? This book is all about providing you with the answers. In The Energy Code, Elisabetta L. Faenza shares the compelling science behind mood, energy and performance and provides some common sense tools to help make the most of our genetic and energetic potential. But don’t be fooled, this is no dry science primer, or head-in-the-clouds self-help book. Elisabetta has the knack of taking complex science and explaining it in a way that is compelling, easy to understand and practical.

Elisabetta will share with you:

• how to utilize the way your mind and body works to overcome any unwanted habit

• the 16 Personality States and how they influence brain function, focus and energy levels

• the 4 Modes of Performance and how to harness them to be more productive

• the 7 keys to activating your DNA and how these can improve performance

The King Maker Saga, now also available on Kindle

The Infidel

by Elisabetta L Faenza

Speaker Showreel

Elisabetta speaks on a wide range of human performance topics including:


  • The Energy Code, 7 Keys to Unlocking Your DNA for Increased Performance, Productivity, Innvoation, Creativity and Profit
  • The Charisma Code, the Science of Influence
  • Making Your Marque, Inside-Out Brand Development
  • The DNA of Bullying


The Scientist

“The Scientist” is a documentary that traces the story of Dr Mechoulam from his early days......as a child of the Holocaust in Bulgaria, through his immigration to Israel, and his career as the chief investigator into the chemistry and biology of the world’s most misunderstood plant. Dr. Mechoulam ascertained that THC interacts with the largest receptor system in the human body, the endocannabinoid system (ECS).