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Utilising the concepts developed in The Energy Code, Elisabetta has developed a 360-degree Profiling system for individuals, middle managers, executives, teams and organizations. With a unique suite of analytical tools, her team is able to improve talent retention, innovation, morale and productivity.


360-degree Profiling provides a comprehensive picture of an individual’s physical, mental, attitudinal and behavioural fitness. This feedback can become the catalyst for further professional development and assist with career advancement. Profiling provides the individual with a snapshot of their risk factors, and strategies to empower them to engage in a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, it pinpoints degrees of engagement in the workplace and provides feedback about energy levels and attitude.


In today’s multicultural workforce differences in communication styles, decision-making preferences, energetic orientation and cultural background can impact team effectiveness. 360-degree Profiling, assists members of a multi-cultural workforce to achieve stronger engagement and affiliation and improved productivity. Our systems provide an engaging learning framework, enabling team members to develop an agreed set of goals to improve personal health, emotional health, team interaction and performance.
Teams are encouraged to participate in a process involving individualised assessment and feedback of their 360-degree Profile. They may then participate in an experiential workshop designed to address team interactions and agreed approaches for communicating, managing conflict and utilising diversity within the team to achieve OH&S and performance objectives.
For the individual, 360-degree Profiling is often the starting point for a renewed sense of commitment to their health outcomes, as well as personal and professional development. It can transform the way team members function together and contribute to a safer, more productive work environment, while acknowledging differences in energetic orientation and attitude.
Teams gain insight into their strengths and address the challenges they identify through the process. Trust is increased between team members, enabling them to make constructive use of personality type differences within the team, improving performance and efficiency; resulting in tangible dollar savings. Through a process of testing, evaluation and feedback of human resources, we are able to provide an organization with a detailed picture of their productivity levels and make recommendations for improvements as necessary.
While the individual is provided with their own results, all data submitted to the organization is anonymised to protect privacy. Group cohorts, however, provide a clear picture of team functionality and can be used to identify trends and any missing skill-sets for development.
Using Gold Standard profiling techniques we can provide an accurate snapshot of the health, energy levels and productivity of your organisation. Statistical Inference, drawn from 360-degree profiling, facilitates organizational benchmarking.
Guided by this information, your organisation can refine recruitment procedures, talent retention and staff development; enhance workplace attitudes, health and safety, and improve productivity.


We provide Gold Standard Testing using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for individuals and organizations. Our profiling will provide your team members with a clear understanding of their individual and group personality dynamics – including psychological preferences in how they see the world and make decisions. This provides HR managers with valuable data to maximize individual and group potential.
Services include presentations, profiling and debriefing workshops covering:
(i) Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I
       a. Individual Profiling
(ii) Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II
  1. Organisational Development
  2. Staff Development
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Leadership Development & Teams
  5. Blood Pressure
  6. Blood Glucose and Cholesterol
  7. Body Fat, BMI and Waist to Hip Ratio
  8. Genetic Risk Factors
  9. Metabolic Type
  10. Recovery
The Bucket Revolution is an innovative, proprietary programme bringing recent discoveries in the fields of quantum biology and genetics to improve human and business performance. This cutting-edge programme provides the missing link in human resource management.
Services include presentations, profiling and debriefing workshops covering:
            (i) Energetic Health Profiling
                        a. Quantitative Analysis of Individual Energy Levels             
                        b. Qualitative Analysis of Individual Disposition
            (ii) Productivity Profiling
                        a. Quantitative Analysis of Workplace Performance
                        b. Qualitative Analysis of Workplace Attitude
We provide a full range of health testing services. Our profiling will provide your team members with an accurate picture of their heart, bone health, weight, aging, fitness, detoxification status and risk factors.
Services include presentations, profiling and debriefing workshops covering:
(i) Fitness Testing
       a. Upper Body Strength
       b. Core Strength
       c. Flexibility
       d. Cardiovascular Fitness
(ii) Biometric Testing
(iii) DNA Testing
Body Fat Metabolism
  • Lipid Metabolism & Insulin Sensitivity
  • Lean Body Mass Development
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Muscular Health
  • Bone Density
  • Inflammation and Oxidation
d. Nutrition
  • Detoxification


360-degree Profiling is a unique programme, which provides a comprehensive, objective methodology to determine workplace health and productivity and optimise performance.
The Profiling Package can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, allowing organisations to focus on areas of priority.
An organisation can utilize 360 degree Profiling to resolve a specific workplace performance issue, or to form part of an ongoing programme to improve workplace health and productivity.

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