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Elisabetta L Faenza

Compelling Speaker

Elisabetta is an expert in human performance, specialising in the application of the latest research in epigenetics - how our genes and environment interact - to optimise organisational and societal outcomes.

With 30 years experience working with individuals, corporates, transnationals, non-profits and government agencies, Elisabetta can help you maximise individual, team and organisational performance.

Elisabetta's journey as a speaker began at 19 when she became the spokesperson for a major charity, and discovered she had a gift for capturing a room and leading them toward a common goal. After graduating from university with a double degree in Languages and Psychology, Elisabetta qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist before completing her Masters in International Relations.

Elisabetta spent a decade as an international speaker and trainer for the Direct Sales Industry, helping teams around the world increase sales performance and market share. Elisabetta is a popular speaker within the public and private sectors, delivering keynotes and personal mentoring to executive level staff on performance and personal development, helping business leaders reposition their branding for greater influence.

More recently Elisabetta has become a powerful advocate for social enterprises and their role in solving some of our most pressing environmental and social problems.

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Elisabetta's journey was prompted by a childhood diagnosis of a rare genetic condition, which led her on a quest to understand how our bodies and the environment interact to switch genes on and off. As a clinical hypnotherapist and performance mentor, Elisabetta has assisted thousands of individuals to change unwanted behaviours, recover from trauma and achieve personal and career goals. In her keynotes Elisabetta demonstrates the key principles of The Energy Code through individual, business and NGO examples, making the material compelling and relevant.

With a Masters in International Relations, Elisabetta also has a keen understanding of the global trends that effect business and individuals alike. During her post-graduate studies she became interested in why individuals, organisations and communities have repeating patterns of behaviour and how one individual can influence many others. This research led her to the place where psychoneuroimmunology, quantum biology and the behavioural sciences intersect – epigenetics, and to discover the keys to unlocking the energy code. Elisabetta is the author of The Energy Code (Motivational Press, 2014), The DNA of Bullying (No Trees, 2014), The Energy Bucket (No Trees, 2010), The Infidel (Strategic Publishing, 2013), Veritas  (True North, 2014) and was librettist for the musical 'D'Arc, the Legend of Saint Joan.'


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