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Unlocking the DNA of Influence - the Charisma Code


Ever wished you were more charismatic or influential?
Want your customers to recognise and be influenced by your
brand, but don’t know how?
Do you wish your staff were more engaged in your brand’s
bigger purpose?
Want to get more value out of every dollar you spend on


So let me ask you, what would it be worth to you to unlock
your inner charisma and become more influential?
Elisabetta L Faenza demystifies charisma, reveals the science behind influence, and explains how you can become more influential by reconnecting to your authentic purpose.


With over 17 years experience creating marketing campaigns for the Direct Sales and Not For Profit Sectors, Elisabetta knows how to connect with your brand’s authentic message, and deliver that message with impact to your market.


Working with Elisabetta you and your team will:


  • Discover the Six Attributes of Influence
  • Understand how these Attributes interact with our DNA to affect others
  • Uncover your True Purpose
  • Reconnect with your Passion
  • Link this to your Experience to become a person of influence, and
  • Understand how to translate all this into a ‘hero’ brand that captures the market’s imagination


If you are serious about unlocking your potential, team performance and productivity and want to make the most of your marketing budget, you need Elisabetta L Faenza and The Charisma Code.


- Alignment, Authenticiy, Effectiveness:


Strategic business services

Business Positioning Package:

  •  Market Position Assessment
  •  Organisational Culture Analysis
  •  Key Decision Makers Personality Profiles
  •  Organisational Message Audit
  •  Leadership Values Assessment
  •  Core Purpose Alignment
  •  Business Analysis (Financial / Marketing)

Situational Report with Recommendations for Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning:

  •  SWOT Analysis
  •  Financial Analysis
  •  Culture Analysis
  •  Human Resource Analysis
  •  Marketing Analysis
  • (Much of this will have be contained in the Situational Report)

Outcomes - Fully Documented Strategic Plan including:

  •  Financial Benchmarks for 5-10 year horizon
  •  Vision, Mission, Core Business Statements
  •  Message, PR and Marketing Strategy (Mainstream & Socia Media, Budgets, Outcomes etc.)
  •  Human Resources Plan
  •  Succession Plan

Video Production

Video Production
As part of Elisabetta's suite of marketing tools, she has gathered a team of expert web-designers and video producers. 
Elisabetta can help you to define your unique message, develop a presentation or video script and then have it filmed, optimised and uploaded to YouTube and your website.
Utilise Elisabetta's team at No Trees so your message can take off, and create maximum impact in your market.

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