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The Energy Code Unlocking The DNA of Bullying - eBook FEATURED! PREVIEW!

The Energy Code Unlocking The DNA of Bullying - eBook

by Amazon Best Selling Author Elisabetta L Faenza

Part of "The Energy Code" Series

Bullying is not confined to the playground or classroom, it effects tens of thousands of people every day within their workplace.

The cost of bullying runs to millions of dollars every year in Australia and NZ alone, as talent is lost and productivity is sacrificed. The cost to the individual is no less, with increased absenteeism and mental illness associated with bullying and harassment, while corporations are hit with multi-million dollar law-suits.

You will discover:

  • The types of bullying and their interaction with DNA
  • How to identify those at greatest risk of bullying
  • The supporting scientific evidence
  • An introduction to the Energy Bucket concept as a tool for understanding and managing bullying · The Four Energy Modes of Productivity
  • The Five Key Principles of Energy Management and how these apply to Classroom and Workplace bullying

Published by No Trees