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The Energy Bucket - eBook

The Energy Bucket - eBook

by Amazon Best Selling Author Elisabetta L Faenza

The Energy Bucket, the book that started it all, prequel to The Energy Code!

The Energy Bucket will change the way you think about energy, and show you how you can activate your DNA for greater productivity, performance and health.

Referring to the recent discoveries in quantum biology, author, Elisabetta L Faenza, explains how DNA effects and is effected by emotional energy.

Filled with ground-breaking scientific research and practical case studies, The Energy Bucket is thought provoking and relevant to anyone who manages people.

You will discover:

  • The nature of energy and its interaction with DNA
  • The supporting scientific evidence
  • An introduction to the Energy Bucket concept for performance management
  • The Four Energy Modes of Productivity
  • The Seven Key Principles of Energy Management

Published by No Trees