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The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Mindfulness Audio Pack

The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Mindfulness Audio Pack

Access and integrate your innate creativity and inner wisdom by increasing the integration of thoughts between the left and right hemispheres of your brain. Using powerful imagery, Lis Faenza will increase your ability to access more of your mental potential and strike a balance between your logical and lateral creative abilities.

Available as a downloadable MP3 file & PDF Ebooklet companion

Developing and sustaining productive, creative, balanced energy is necessary to achieve success in any area of life, and crucial for mental health.

The companion audio – Unlocking the DNA of Mindfulness - has been developed to help you cultivate this state

It should be used regularly – daily and then weekly in association with completing the exercise in Module 3 of The Energy Code Workbook.

The audio has 60 seconds of silence at the beginning of the session to allow you to settle yourself in a comfortable, quiet spot, away from distraction.

This audio will focus on developing the deceptively contradictory skills of assessing, releasing, relaxing, focusing and flowing with mastery. The techniques used in this audio were developed by leading neuroscientists and hypnotherapists, and utilize eye movement (alpha, theta and delta wave brain frequency) techniques to achieve a state of hyper-alertness and detachment, with the concomitant experience of time distortion.

These brain frequencies are utilized by elite extreme-sport athletes, yogis and other altered consciousness aficionados to achieve a state of peak performance.

The good news is you can too, without risking life and limb, walling yourself up in a cave for years, or taking mind-altering drugs.

This audio takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon known as hypo-frontality – or the shutting down of the pre-frontal cortex of the brain - to prevent mental chatter from negatively impacting performance. This is a key step in developing mastery and heightened productivity and along with the ‘Unlocking the DNA of Behavior Change,’ audio will be crucial to unlocking the benefits of mindfulness in your life.