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The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Nutrition - ebook

The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Nutrition - ebook

By Amazon best selling Author Elisabetta L Faenza

This booklet is focused on looking at how nutrition affects performance. It provides some tips on how to address your relationship with food and shift it, if necessary. This booklet is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or syndrome. If you experience pain, physical or psychological discomfort or difficulty eating, sleeping or loosing weight, seek the advice of an accredited health professional.

“...Nature isn't benign.....The survival of the human species is not a pre-ordained evolutionary program....genetic variation exist[s]....not necessarily confined to what happens routinely, or even frequently....It is, I think, worthwhile being conscious of the limits of our powers.....We are caught in the food chain, whether we like it or not, eating and being eaten..” - The Coming Plague Laurie Garrett.

Did you know, 50% of the food produced is wasted, either being discarded by producers or distributors, or thrown out by us – the consumer, resulting in massive distortion in the cost of food, and the wellbeing of farmers and consumers. What if this were preventable?

Available as an ebook pdf download.