Elisabetta L Faenza - Maximising Human Potential
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Jim Landau

TEC Chair, Entrepreneur

the energy code by elisabetta l faenza book cover

The Energy Code:

"Elisabetta succeeds in translating the complex science of epigenetics into a very readable and understandable form. I particularly liked the way she interwove anecdotes into the theoretical explanations and the underlying message that we can all take personal responsibility for creating a better self, workplace and world.”

Justin Sachs

Founder Motivational Press

the energy code by elisabetta l faenza book coverThe Energy Code:

Elisabetta is one of those individuals who spans the world of science and business, with a key understanding of what makes people tick and how to bring the best out in them. A highly creative thinker, Elisabetta’s ideas will help you stay ahead of the competition by getting more out of your existing resources and fostering innovation.