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Strategist Testimonials

Anthony Coote AM

After 50 or so years of corporate management and doing several of these processes (both organisational restructuring and management training ) - this is by far the best. I fully endorse the process and Elisabetta's excellent facilitation skills. It is not confronting yet it gets you to the intersection of your individual purpose and the organisations mission. Our team has benefited enormously from this exercise in gaining clarity about where each fits and how their individual purpose fits within the organization. The organisation as a whole has benefited by having its core purpose, mission and brand clarified.

Elisabetta is vibrant, has an exceptional ability to work with people, and addresses issues with practical and knowledgable wisdom. We will be working with her into the future.

Antony Coote AM
Founder, The Mulloon Institute

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Betty Aggraviador

Director of Marketing, Mannatech Australia P/L

Elisabetta L Faenza author quote 1.fw"Elisabetta had the admirable dedication, the astute knowledge and the exemplary skills required to do the intermittent consultancy training and research projects with and for us. It would be such a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with her again!"

Betty Agraviador, was Elisabetta's client

CK Bray

"Elisabetta's exceptional business savvy as VP of Business Dev. at Global Qi expanded her business communications nationally with distributors by adopting Premiere Global Services conferencing. Educating herself about all options and opportunities available to build core business & expand revenue Elisabetta establishes herself as a forward thinking executive bringing huge benefit to the company."
CK Bray, was with another company when working with Elisabetta at Global Qi Alliance

Daniel Crespi

"Elisabetta's persistent energy and commitment to task never cease to amaze me. Meetings, more often than not have been conducted in airports, with me catching Elisabetta just before she departs for her next interstate meeting. It's either there or not at all as Elisabetta's face to face attention to her customers is always the priority."

Daniel Crespi, AAPT

David Walshe

"I worked closely with Elisabetta in the development of an online network support system and we recently renewed our business relationship in a new business services venture. Elisabetta has extensive business experience and has always impressed me with her integrity, depth of knowledge and very strong commitment to customer service. Most important of all, she continues to be a person I can trust to speak honestly and always do the right thing by her colleagues and clients. Elisabetta is a valued friend and colleague who I would recommend in any role that requires a sharp mind, good contacts and excellent communications skills."

David Walshe, Owner, YourProofreader.com,

Dr. Jaroslav Boublik

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I watched Elisabetta achieve her business success with some awe. Having not been previously in the Direct Sales industry, Elisabetta applied sound business practices and a great deal of hard work toachieve impressive results in record time."

Dr. Jaroslav Boublik, External Consultant (Products)

Dr. Jaroslav Boublik

"I am always inspired by the insight, creativity and dedication Elisabetta brings to whatever she does. She has the unique ability to not just think outside the box but think outside the field that the box sits in."

Dr. Jaroslav Boublik

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Keith Woodman

"Elisabetta is a high level thinker who is focused on delivering the best possible results and outcomes for a project. This focus gives Elisabetta the ability to analyse and decipher complex issues within a project and come up with timely solutions and outcomes. It is always a pleasure to work with Elisabetta and I would have no hesitation in recommending Elisabetta to any potential client."

Keith Woodman, Development Feasibility and Business Case Expert

Matt Church

Elisabetta L Faenza author quote 4.fw
"Elisabetta is the queen of leverage. It's this strength that she now brings to business of triple bottom line (3BL). Elisabetta knows how to achieve amazing things and bring dynamic project teams together to achieve extraordinary results. She is the perfect eco-entrepreneur!"


Matt Church, CEO, Thought Leaders

Nils Vesk

Elisabetta L Faenza author quote 5.fw"Elisabetta is an engaging and inspirational speaker. Her extraordinary passion is matched by her extraordinary business success and testimony to her knowledge in business and personal development. Her simplicity in explaining 'the hard stuff' makes an MBA look farcical. She not only walks the talk but shows people how to walk their own talk."


Nils Vesk

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